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Colour Vision

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Colour Vision

The correct use or knowledge of colour is important in some situations. Choosing and matching colours are important in weaving or sewing. Certain colours are used in decorations of objects or people.

Children playing with colourful shapes

A person's colour vision can be assessed by checking if differences in colour can be identified, similar colours matched and objects sorted by their colours.

Collect different coloured threads, material or objects. Try to include red, green, yellow and blue.

Spread the objects out in front of the person on a plain table or mat. He can move as close as he wants to the objects.

Discrimination of different colours. Make a group of at least 5 objects, 4 the same colour and one object that is a different colour. Ask the person to pick up the one which is a different colour.

Matching colours. Use many objects with at least 2 of each colour. Pick up different colours in turn and ask the person to find another one the same colour.

Sorting colours. Use many different coloured objects. Ask the person to sort all the coloured objects into piles with the same colours in each pile.

Record if he has trouble with any particular colours, all or none.

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